The International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize, Commonly known by its acronym of IMMARBE, is a department within the Attorney General's Ministry.

The Registration of Merchant Ship Act of 1989 as amended in 1996 and 2010, the main instrument governing the activities relating to the enrolment of ships in the merchant fleet. The register became
operational in May 1991.

The Head Office of IMMARBE is located in Belize City and have attained ISO 9002 certification and will participate in the voluntary IMO member State Audit Scheme during March 2011.

Through rigorous inspections of its fleet, the Belize registry has improved its Port State Control performance and reduced the average age to 19 years. During 2010, the registry increased its tonnage by 12.4%, with 37% of new registrations being new buildings, placing it among the top 15 open registries. Half of the Belize fleet trades in Asia, 30% in Europe and 20% are vessels from other parts of the world


The registry operates through a network of Designated Offices worldwide.

Hubel Marine became in 1997 the designated office for the Netherlands and is fully empowered to process applications for provisional and permanent registration of a vessel and/ or Mortgage.


There are no requirements concerning local ownership or participation in ownership.

The Registry of Belize is open to any type, class, or size of vessel used for navigation that is
engaged in any lawful trade, service or international maritime activity.

Ship owners take advantage of the flexibility of Belizean offshore corporations by having such entity appear as owner of the vessel


Every Belize registered ship must be in possession of a valid certificate of Minimum Safe Manning MSM which is issued by IMMARBE in accordance with the IMO regulations and specifies the minimum number and composition of the crew complement.

The issuance of the MSM Certificate is guided by Resolution A 890(21) of the International Maritime Organization. Owners may apply for a reduced manning scale should their ships be designed and constructed with unattended machinery space, or are approved with any other machinery automation or remote controls, or trading in restricted areas.


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The seafarer department is fully empowered to issue the Belize CRA with a validity for 3 months.

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All vessels registered at IMMARBE are subject to a safety inspection in order to ensure compliance with the national and international regulations.

For this purpose an Inspection Fee is charged in the Annual Fees collected for each vessel.

The inspection program contemplates an annual General Safety Inspection, but the Administration may order a re-inspection or a special inspection when it is considered necessary.


The recording of title deeds, mortgages, liens and encumbrances or any other assignments relating to any registered vessel is governed by the Merchant Shipping Act and may be requested through our Office. Recording of documents may be either:

• Preliminary recording
• Permanent recording

The Belize Registry revised the Shipping Act in 2010 especially for the priority of maritime liens,
so that a Belize mortgage now ranks fourth after court costs, salvage and crew wages.


The Belize Registry revised the Shipping Act in 2010 especially for the priority of maritime liens,
so that a Belize mortgage now ranks fourth after court costs, salvage and crew wages.


IMMARBE also accepts vessels to be registered for a short period under special circumstances such as one delivery voyage to a shipyard or for scrap.

Procedures for special registration allow for documents to be issued with a validity of three months and automatic expiration when this period elapses.

This special status does not entitle the vessel to a Deletion Certificate


The registration of fishing vessels is additionally subject to the provisions of the High Seas Fishing Act, 2003.
The requirements include the completion of an Application form for a License to Fish on the High Seas as well as the installation of a Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) utilizing INMARSAT C or INMARSAT Mini C or INMARSAT D+.

Fishing vessels which land their catch at ports of member States of the European Union are required to pass a special sanitary inspection in compliance with the relevant EU/EC Directives.

Fishing vessels are also subject to the international and regional regulations applicable to the area of fishing which are implemented by Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs) such as ICCAT, as well as by bilateral or multilateral agreements for the protection of certain areas or endangered marine species.

Today, Belize is now the first Open Registry with the largest number of memberships of RFMOs in the world. They are now a Contracting or Cooperating non-Contracting Parties of 6 of the major RFMOs. ICCAT, IATTC, IOTC, WCPFC, NEAFC, SPRFMO.


Since 2008, Belize has developed a special Yacht Code . 
The Codes are now set out as:

• Yachts of 24 meters and above and 500 GT and over but less than 5000 GT (Super Yachts)
• Yachts of 24 meters and above and less than 500 GT (Large Yachts)
• Yachts of less than 24 meters (Small Yachts)

Additionally, the owners of Super Yachts and Large Yachts will benefit from the technical requirements of the UK/ MCA's Large Commercial Yacht Code (LY2) which they have incorporated into the Codes.         

Comprehensive standards for yacht-based helicopters and submersibles.
Regulations have been developed by leading specialists in both fields who have experience within the yacht industry and who have taken a practical approach. The relevant existing regulations (such as CAP 437 for helicopters), have been reviewed and yacht specific regulations are now incorporated

Comprehensive guidelines for yacht-based sporting and leisure activities
such as sportfishing, scuba diving and snorkeling, jet skiing, water skiing and para-sailing. In particular,
we believe that Belize is the first Open Registry to have implemented guidelines as well as a catch
reporting system for its sport fishing yachts which operate both in national waters as well as on the
high seas. Furthermore, they have introduced a special section on drug and alcohol abuse.

Granting the concession, subject to prior notification, for a yacht in private use to be
chartered out for up to a total of 112 days in any period of 12 consecutive months

Provided it satisfies Belize’s additional requirements for commercial yachts, the owner will be able to recover some of its operating expenses.


The managing director, Erik A. de Koning, was appointed by the Government of Belize as Deputy Registrar in September 1997.

Erik de Koning has extensive experience in IMMARBEs registration matters and has successfully registered a substantial fleet in the Belize Registry.
Hubelmarine, and its staff of dedicated professionals, is exemplary in its
efforts to provide ship owners with excellence in ship registration for Belize
and ranks amongst IMMARBE best representative offices in Europe
contributing to a constant stream of new additions to the Belize fleet.
During the year 2011, we registered over 25 vessels in Belize with more than 120,000 gross tons and expectations are high to surpass this amount during 2012.
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Hubel Marine became in 1997 the designated office for the Netherlands and is fully empowered to process applications for provisional and permanent registration of a vessel and/ or Mortgage.
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